Friday, August 8, 2008

Walgreens great deal

I read this morning on one of my favorite blogs that there is a glitch in the Walgreens RR. The Kelloggs RR are printing out 2. Even though I have a strict policy of not taking my kids to Walgreens, I could not pass up this opportunity. So I loaded up the car and off to Walgreens we went. On the way there the kids got a speech about how we were only buying certain things and to not beg for anything and we were not looking at toys. Well the kids were really good especially when they saw what I was buying. I do not usually buy these kinds of treats. I figure my kids get enough sugar and do not need any sugary treats.

So here is what I bought:
2 boxes of Cheese-Its
2 boxes of Rice Crispy Treats
1 box of Pop tarts
2 boxes of dried cranberries
1 coke

I did not have any coupons, unfortunately.
I spent $14.67 and got back 2 $5 RR.
I was so excited I called my husband and asked him to stop buy and buy so more!

The blog I read about this on is

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