Monday, August 25, 2008

Anti-Procrastination Day

Well today at Biblical Womanhood it is Anti-Procrastination Day. I decided to take the challenge. Since we have moved in our new house I have had a lot of things I have been putting off.

One is the continual pile of mail that has been sitting at the end of our bar. Now instead of one big out of control pile, it is two small piles. One pile is bills that need to be paid and the other is papers that my husband need to go through. Well cleaning off that area meant a lot of things got stacked up on my desk. So then I cleaned up my desk.

My next chore was to finish tagging clothes for the Growing Kids Sale. There is a kids clothes sale in our town twice a year. I am usually able to sell enough clothes to pay for the clothes I buy. I do not think that is going to happen this year. I am saving most of Number 1 son's clothes for baby and I am going to be buying more clothes this year with three kids to buy for.

My next procrastination chore was the kids toy closet. When we moved in I just had the kids take toys to the toy closet and their rooms. I did not have the time or energy to sort through toys in the middle of moving with a 6 week old. Well then when I would have them clean up their toys they never cleaned up very well. So today I tackled the toy closet!! Here are the pictures to prove it!!