Thursday, August 21, 2008

my sweet kids

Last night number 1 son and princess went to new classes at church. Number 1 went to Sparkies and princess went to Adventure Land.

In Sparkies they earn "money" for memorizing Bible verses and bringing friends. The first friend he thought of to bring was his sister. They really are becoming best friends.

That is one of the advantages to homeschooling. They spend everyday all day together, so they have to be good friends. If they were not they would have no one to play with.

Princess loved her new class too because they sung songs. Anything to do with music and she loves it!!

And Baby got to stay with me. He has been teething and he ran a slight fever on Wednesday. So he got to go learn about home management. He was pretty good in there. I hope he did not distract too many.

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