Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy Days

It has been very busy around here. We started school this week and so far both kids are excited about their new school work. Princess loves getting to do her own schoolwork and Number 1's work is just a review right now. His work is so easy for him that I am having him do more than one page in his books.

We also had a garage sale this weekend. We got rid of quite a bit of stuff, but we still have quite a bit more to go. My Mother in Law said she is going to have a sale later this month. She told us to box everything up and put it in her sale. I am thinking about just taking it to Goodwill. Some of this stuff has been around for three sales now.

This next week is the kids consignment sale in our city. I have been busy getting clothes ready to sell there. I also will have a busy week this next week with that. If you volunteer to work at it, then you get to shop first. So I will be working Tuesday night and then shopping on Wednesday. I love to buy my kids clothes there. I can buy all of their clothes for the season and get name brand clothes for a lot less.

We also have a field trip with our homeschool group on Tuesday. We are going to visit a canning plant. They can pickled watermelon rinds. I have never had a pickled watermelon rind. It is not something I think I want to try. I have been told that they give away the fruit part of the watermelon for free. My kids will be trying to load up the car with watermelon. I will try and get some pictures of that!

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