Sunday, July 11, 2010

So long ago

It has been so long since I posted anything here. For my birthday in September, Chris got me an iphone. Since then, I hardly ever get on my computer. Everything is on my phone. So here is an update on my family.

Grant is almost 8. It is hard to believe he will be 8 in August. He finished 2nd grade this year and really came a long way in his reading. Reading went from his least favorite subject to his most favorite subject. He is playing baseball again this summer. He plays right field. His batting is really improving this year. Grant also loves swimming. Every time we go to the pool, he has a new trick to show me.

Katie Beth is 6. She is my little mommy. She likes to try and take care of everybody! She finished Kindergarten this year and is really doing well in all of her subjects. She can sound short vowel words out and some long vowel words. She took ballet for the first time this year. She loved it. She is our performer. She loves to go swimming too, but it is more for the social contact. Every time we go, she makes a new friend. She may not know or remember their name, but they are her friend.

Seth is 27 months. He is our comedian. He loves to make everyone laugh. He does everything he can to keep up with brother and sister. Everyday his talking is improving. The cutest thing he says is "I didit!" He is so proud when he can figure something out and do it himself. We have been working on reducing the amount of time he sucks on a Bobby (pacifier), but we have not eliminated it. That is our next step. In fact I am going to cut the tips off of them this afternoon. We have also been slowly working on the potty. He was trying to go on the potty, but now he just sits on it. I'm not pushing real hard, but we are getting used to it.

That is what we have been up to lately in our house.