Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where have I Been?

I have been so busy lately that I forgot to blog. What have I been doing?

1. I have been helping to get things ready for a Women's Conference at my church. Angela Thomas is coming to our church to speak. I have not done one of her Bible Studies, but I have heard good things about her.

2. We went camping this weekend. Camping in a cabin! I will blog about that later.

3. I have been trying to implement FlyLady. If you do not know about FlyLady go to her website here. www.FlyLady.net She helps you get rid of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). So far I am keeping my sink clean and making my bed. Yesterday I tried to do the weekly home blessing hour, but I can not figure out how to vacuum my whole house in 10 min. Then baby got up from his nap and it was all over.

Well that is what I have been doing in addition to keeping up with 3 kids and homeschooling 2!

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