Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We went camping this weekend in a cabin! It was a lot of fun. Several families that we are friends with went. It was at MarVal. I had never been there before, but they have camp site and cabins. Several families have campers and they brought those. One family camped in a tent, but with a baby I think the cabin was the best way to go for us.

MarVal was a really neat campground. It was a private campground with a big playground in the middle. They also have a swimming pool and a miniature golf course. For fall they had a hayride. On the hayride you got to plant your magic pumpkin seed and then come back and pick your pumpkin. After you picked your pumpkin you then get to paint it. My kids thought that was great. They do not get to paint very often. While we were waiting to go on the hayride we got two icees to share. Can you tell what color the kids icees were?

Saturday night they go Trick or Treating to all the camp sites. My kids were excited to go Trick or Treating early. Number 1 kept running ahead. He was so excited to get candy. He even left his friend behind.

They also have these tricycles that are very low to the ground and have hand brakes and steering. Number 1 son loved those. Princesses legs were not quite long enough for them.

On Sunday morning we had a mini church service. One of the older boys played his guitar while we sang and then one of the dads gave a short devotional.

It was a great time. My kids did not want to leave!

Russell (Chris's brother) dog sat and house sat for us. I think our dogs probably want us to go out of town more often. Russell fed them a steak!

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