Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Princess

Sometimes my little Princess just cracks me up. She comes up with some of the funniest things and when she tells me about it she is so animated that there is no way to retell it and capture that animation. So here is my attempt at it because I do not want to forget these things she has said:

Sunday Chris brought her home from choir practice and she runs in the house all excited and tells me "Mom I get to be a sheep and I have a solo." I respond, "You get to have a solo?" "Yes," she replies "and I get to be a sheep!" I think she was more excited about being a sheep.

A couple of days later she is telling me about her solo and says, "I get to stand in front by the black thing, you know the microphone." There is just no way to show her excitement over this. Later in the day I hear her downstairs playing the CD with her music and yelling the words, "I would sing so quiet." Did you get that? She was yelling, "I would sing so quiet." I told her she needed to use her pretty voice. She proceeded to tell me she was pretending that she was singing in front of everyone and she wanted to make sure they could hear her. I told her she would be singing into a microphone and everyone would be able to hear her just fine.

Another story about her was from the other day in the car. We were on the way to a funeral and she tells us that she has decided she wants to be a missionary. She wants to tell people about Jesus and give them Bibles. About this time Chris and I were pretty proud of her for saying that. She then proceeds to tell us that why she wants to be a missionary is because sometimes at night missionaries eat marshmallows. So my daughter want to be a missionary so she can eat marshmallows. She then tells us she is going to be a missionary around here on this Earth. She is not going to other Earths. How cute is that?

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